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  • Nickname: Les hants (The Elephants)

    Team Colors: Orange and green

    Top Scorer: Didier Drogba (24)

    Founded: 1960

    Championship Titles: World Cup
    Appearances: 1 (First in 2006)
    Best result: Round 1, 2006
    African Cup of Nations
    Appearances: 16 (First in 1965)
    Best result: Champion, 1992

    Historic Facts: The Cote d'Ivoire national soccer team is notable for having participated in (and won) the two highest-scoring penalty shoot-outs in international football competition - the 21-shot shoot-out in the final of the 1992 African Cup of Nations when Ghana was defeated 11-10, and the 24-shot shoot-out in the quarter-final of the 2006 African Cup of Nations, when Cameroon was defeated 12-11.

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